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Jungle Jim El Dorado

Jungle Jim El Dorado Review

Jungle Jim El Dorado Video Slot is another hit from Microgaming. If you love playing slot games, at institutions like Royal Vegas Canadian Online Casino, for example, you’re probably more than familiar with the impeccable quality of online slot machines and other games that come from the software wizards at Microgaming. It’s not surprising, then, to say that their latest video slot game, Jungle Jim El Dorado is yet another winner.

As a 5-reel, 25-line payline virtual machine, Jungle Jim offers both involving gameplay and many different chances to win. As a Microgaming video slot machine, it’s also no slouch in the sounds and visuals department as it makes the very best of its adventure movie / Aztec theme that is sure to especially appeal to fans of a certain fedora-wearing, whip-wielding fictional archaeologist.

Jungle Jim El Dorado Setting Itself Apart from the Pack

Microgaming’s slot machines do tend to share quite a bit in common, both in terms of game play and in the overall quality of all their products.

Here are just some of the features that make Jungle Jim El Dorado a game worth specifically seeking out:

  • Its jungle-set theme comes to life beautifully in the background, neither obstructing nor being obstructed by the spinning reels
  • A generous number of free spins throughout the game that stack up to the point where you may get 20 free spins in a row
  • The Rolling Reels multiplier is a feature in many Microgaming games but it’s particularly amazing here.
  • It becomes especially powerful as it is combined with the game’s ample free spins, which not only increases the amount of free turns you can win but those free spins in turn also up your winnings to the point that the machine offers winnings of up to 3800 times your original stake…
  • Seriously, this deserves a bullet point of its own: your winnings can reach a jaw-dropping 3800 times your original stake!

Jungle Jim El Dorado may not be the most original or features packed slot game ever but between its massive payouts and a fun, colorful theme brought to life by well above-average sounds and visuals, it’s still one of the best gambling games to be released this past year.

Gold Factory Online Slot Game

Welcome to Gold Factory

Gold Factory Online Slot Game

From the wizards at Microgaming, the premier software provider of online slots, comes Gold Factory, a video slot machine that boasts five reels and a massive fifty pay lines. Centered around a gold theme, Gold Factory has everything you could want from a free online slots game, including varied gameplay, a high payout percentage and beautiful, animated graphics that makes the very best use of its theme. You will find gold trains, golden bars, wooden carts filled with gold and even golden submarines as symbols and ad bonus icons throughout both the game proper and the bonus game.

Gold Factory Video Slot

Speaking of the bonus game, building on what Microgaming is best known for, Gold Factory is never just about watching crude symbols go round and round for hours on end but is about keeping the game play fresh through its varied pay lines and, most especially, the bonus game, which is fun to try and earn your way towards and even more fun to play.

Why Gold Factory?

Considering just how good most of Microgaming’s many, many online slots games are, you may be wondering what separates Gold Factory from all those other great games out there.

Here are just some of the things that make Gold Factory the standout that it is:

  • The theme itself may not be the most imaginative slots theme ever but is executed brilliantly and its very simplicity is the key to the way it permeates every inch of the game. The simplicity of the design simply makes everything about the way the graphics are crafted all the more impressive.
  • It is filled to the brim with bonuses, wilds, scatters, free spins and that all-important bonus game.
  • Its extremely generous fifty paylines not only greatly heighten your chance of winning but make the actual gameplay all the more exciting.
  • It’s very cheap to play so it’s ideal for low stakes players, every bit as much as it is for more serious gamers.

Microgaming has released an untold amount of great games over the years but few touch Gold Factory for its impeccably crafted graphics and exciting gameplay.

Game of Thrones™ Online Slot Hot review

Game of Thrones™ Online Slot Has Multipliers, Stacked Wilds, and 243 Ways to Win

Game of Thrones™ Online Slot Hot review

From the moment we encountered the startling world of Westeros, we’ve wanted a way to bring the show into our lives. Now we can, by playing Game of Thrones™ Online Slot.

Realism at its Best

Game of Thrones embodies the universal human quest for power. The symbols of the four Royal Houses are carved out of heavy stone. The 10-Ace symbols are underlain with parchment. The flaming eggs, soaring dragons, and fanged wolves further increase the realistic feeling of foreboding that comes upon all who venture into Westeros.

Stacked Wilds Make Big Wins Happen

The Wild symbol is stacked three-high in both the regular game and the bonus round. Big wins are available whether you play in the 15 paylines or in the 243 ways to win versions.

Scatters Bring Top Prizes

If you get two Scatter symbols you receive a nice cash award. When you get three or more Scatter symbols you go to the free spins bonus round. Here you must choose to fight with one of the four Royal Houses. Each house offers differing numbers of free spins, multipliers, and numbers of stacked Sigil symbols.

Choose a House and Fight

Game of Thrones online slot

The Houses fly their flags which extend straight out in the fierce Westeros wind.

  • The House of Baratheon offers 8 free spins, a 5x multiplier, and its Sigil symbol is stacked three-high.
  • Lannister House provides 10 free spins, a 4x multiplier, and its Sigil symbol is stacked four-high.
  • The House of Stark entitles you to 14 free spins, a 3x multiplier, and its Sigil symbol is stacked three-high.
  • The Targaryen House supplies 18 free spins, a 2x multiplier, and its Sigil symbol is stacked six-high.

With luck you’ll get three scatter symbols during your free spins. This will retrigger the free spins bonus.

Gamble Trail

After every win, you’ll be offered a chance to gamble your win. You flip a Braavosi coin. If you guess correctly, you double your win! You can repeat your gamble up to four times!

Keen to try your luck with the Game of Thrones™ Online Slot? Play the 243 ways to win online slot game or the 15 Lines option of this great game at the best online casino in Canada, Vegas Palms.

What is the Random Number Generator?

What is the Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator is a computer program that is used in many casino games all over the world. What a Random Number Generator (or as it’s commonly known, an RNG) does, is reflected in its name: it generates random numbers.

If you are wondering what an RNG is, you have probably been researching Canadian online casinos. There are a few different kinds of RNGs that are used for different applications, but the type that is most commonly used for casinos is a Pseudo Random Number Generator.

Random Number Generator?

A Pseudo RNG uses an algorithm and a seed number to produce seemingly random numbers. It is only seemingly random because the algorithm is fixed. However, it is very difficult to hack or cheat an RNG.

RNGs are important for online casino games, but they are also used in land-based casinos for certain games. They are used to create outcomes for games like slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and keno.

Using an RNG is supposed to make the chances of winning fair between the casino and the player. In order to ensure that a casino is fair, there are external companies that independently test for fairness.

Once a casino is certified to be safe and fair, it usually makes that very clear on its website. If an online casino does not say anything about fair play certification, then you should look for a different casino that is certified.

There are many amazing Canadian online casinos that use RNGs to make sure that you have a great time gambling. Check one out today!

Which software provider makes the best online casino games?

Which software provider makes the best online casino games?

Ask this question to any Canadian online gambler, and you will get a barrage of answers. The crux of the matter is: there is no one single best online casino software provider because entertainment is such a personal experience.

There are a lot of factors that might provoke someone to claim that a provider makes the best casino games. Providers make very different games, and one provider may make games that you love, while another one might make games that your best friend loves.

That being said, there is one gaming provider that is consistently considered the top software provider in the industry today, and that provider is Microgaming. Microgaming is considered the best overall casino software provider because of its massive size and impeccable game quality.

Currently, Microgaming offers over 600 games in many categories. Not only can you enjoy a huge selection of slots games, but you can also play every table game imaginable.

In addition to the huge selection, Microgaming is looking to the future. The company promises to release at least two new games every month. This gives you something to which you can constantly look forward.

Many prominent Canadian casinos use Microgaming as their only software provider. However, some others combine games from multiple software providers, and some do not use Microgaming at all.

Other top online casino software providers include Playtech, NetEnt, and Realtime Gaming. All of these are popular and add different titles to a casino. It is hard to say who makes the best games, because clearly, people like them all!

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