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Money laundering in the casino: how, who and why?

Money laundering in the casino: how, who and why?

Money laundering in the casino: methods

There are several main methods that criminals use to launder money. Many groups rely on dividing the deposits into small lots to avoid it being noticed – a practice known as structuring.

Others simply buy chips with cash, spend some time on the casino floor, trying to cash them out as winnings. There are many methods that include the use of letterbox companies to disguise transactions, bank accounts, and people involved. It is an incredibly complex area of finance and one that the authorities are tirelessly fighting to seize and eradicate in all forms.

Casino Money Laundering: What Makes Casinos a Perfect Destination?

Casino gambling is a brilliant way to make money disappear and reappear in separate bank accounts. Of course, the casino industry is taking steps to make this difficult, which we will explain in more detail later in this article.

The casino doesn't have to be involved in the money laundering activity for criminals to be successful, but there have been many in the past. Since there is a black market all over the world, criminals know many casinos and sports betting providers that they can take advantage of to launder their money.

Without the regulatory compliance of the regulated casino industry, this is an uphill battle that the authorities cannot fight alone. There are many well-funded and well-organized criminal groups who persistently try to use casinos for money laundering. Within the casinos themselves there are also many starting points and weak points that can easily be exploited.

Casino staff is one of the greatest risk factors for money laundering as they are often poorly paid administrative staff who can easily be bribed or threatened to help the criminals launder the money . But what makes money laundering in the casino so attractive, in contrast to, for example, offshore mailbox companies or other methods?

The top three reasons for money laundering in casinos

Casinos and sports betting operators have tremendous cash flows that make it easy to place bets in the sea of incoming and outgoing transactions destined for money laundering. It doesn't matter who you are, whether you've been convicted of financial crimes, or where your money is coming from. Most casinos around the world are happy to accept bets from anyone with money to play with.

High rollers are an important source of profit for many casinos – and in order to maintain a good relationship with customers , it often happens that staff ignore suspicious transactions or turn a blind eye. As you can imagine from the statements above, sales and profits are huge motivating factors for the casinos.

It is hard to deny that casinos are powerless when it comes to stopping this activity. Industry regulators, on the other hand, should do more to systematically control customers who raise red flags with suspicious deposit activity.

Industry regulators are certainly already playing a role here, regularly auditing major casino companies around the world and analyzing financial reports for irregularities . It remains to be mentioned that the largest operators also make enough money with legal transactions. So it is more the smaller casinos with less strict rules & supervision that are involved with money launderers. Asia in particular has a longstanding problem with this illegal activity – and a thriving underground gambling industry.

Fighting Money Laundering in the Casino: Regulation

In tightly regulated industries like Europe and North America, casino money laundering is a very minor threat to their operations. The regulators in these areas are very diligent and use a system of law enforcement, technology and other methods to mitigate the problems. In any case, Europe and North America are quite resistant to the risks of exposing themselves to organized crime and are more active in opposing money launderers .

The Asian gaming industry is worth over $ 180 billion annually. Before the market became such a huge part of the local economy, a strong and thriving underground gambling scene was well established. Even now that the interests of the major casino groups are firmly in control of the market, there is still a dark downside.

Certain casinos in Asia are notorious for being linked to the criminal underworld – to a much greater extent than their European counterparts . The yakuza has been proven in the past to be a powerful influence on many gambling operators in Japan, and Southeast Asia has seen several high-profile arrests for game-fixing and money laundering over the past decade.

However, the tide is turning. Many of these casinos have started verifying the identity of their new customers . More importantly, the choice of payment options, from what used to be myriad available, has been reduced to a few, making payments much easier to track. The ability to use different accounts for deposits and withdrawals has made money laundering possible in casinos in the past; ending this practice will go a long way toward clearing up what remains of money laundering in this industry.

Is it game over for money launderers?

Preventing the use of casinos as a vehicle for money laundering is an ongoing battle between law enforcement, criminals and casino operators . In the UK, customer verification procedures are constantly being improved and in its current state the system is very impenetrable. The same is true for much of Europe and North America.

However, the lax approach to financial controls in certain countries still allows the practice of money laundering to remain under the radar. The sums at stake are unimaginable, and they are the hands of powerful illegal gangs who are determined to go on with their business undisturbed. So the fight between criminals and the authorities will definitely continue.

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Celebrity chefs in Las Vegas: dine with celebrities in these 12 restaurants

Celebrity chefs in Las Vegas: dine with celebrities in these 12 restaurants

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 1: Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak

Tom Colicchio cuts a pretty good figure as the head judge at Top Chef, but in the Heritage Steak he mainly cuts high-quality beef. In the Mirage of Las Vegas, one of the most famous American land casinos, visitors can expect a lively open kitchen and a large selection of sumptuous steaks .

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 2: Lorena Garcia – Chica

The Chica is located in the Venetian and serves fresh, exciting dishes from Latin American cuisine , as well as a unique selection of wines. The master chef Lorena Garcia presents her innovative and tasty cuisine here. She is known from appearances on various television shows – she also owns several restaurants.

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 3: Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar

Guy Fieri is perhaps best known for his Food Network show, where the ice-cold connoisseur of American cuisine travels across the nation to sample the best of dishes. Sample 16 craft beers and a variety of burgers, tacos, wings, and more at his Las Vegas restaurant at Caesar's.

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 4: José Andrés – Bazaar Meat

Hispanic-American chef José Andrés is often viewed as the one who brought the tapas to America. One of two Las Vegas restaurants run by the talented small plate chef, Bazaar Meat is located in the Sahara.Voted “Best Restaurant in Nevada” by Business Insider , you shouldn't miss out on this meaty meal that's inviting to share .

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 5: Roy Choi – Best Friend

Fans of “The Chef Show” will know Roy Choi for his simple, straightforward approach – and especially for his delicious Korean-Mexican fusion street food . At MGM in Vegas, you can sample some of Choi's best dishes at the lovingly named Best Friend. With prizes that appeal to those who may have just gambled a little too much on the slot machines, it's definitely a good place for a yummy stop.

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 6: Michael Mina – At the Bellagio

Those who can afford to dine at a little more expensive prices should pay a visit to Michael Mina at the Bellagio. It is considered to be the best restaurant for fish dishes and seafood . The native Egyptian now has four restaurants which he runs with business partner and tennis legend Andre Agassi.

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 7: Kimberly Ann Ryan – Yardbird

Hell's Kitchen winner Kimberly Ann Ryan didn't found the Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, but took over as head chef after her reality TV win. Today she prepares delicious southern dishes like fried chicken, shrimp'n'grits and steak . If you're looking for that authentic southern flavor in the heart of the city, you've come to the right place!

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 8: Robert Irvine's Public House

One of the British chefs who made this list is Robert Irvine, who became famous in America thanks to shows like Dinner: Impossible and Worst Cooks. Irvine's Public House at Tropicana brings the convenience of the classic British pub to Las Vegas, serving simple bar favorites like burgers, ribs and sandwiches at reasonably priced.

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 9: Bobby Flay – Mesa Grill

The second entry from Caesar's Palace on this listing of celebrity chef eateries in Las Vegas is the Mesa Grill. The colorful eatery is run by Food Network veteran Bobby Flay. Flay has perhaps the most Food Network credits on his name of any chefs on this list, and the Mesa Grill takes his passion for BBQ away from the screen and towards the diners. Here you can get Mexican classics and perfectly grilled meat .

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 10: Buddy V's Ristorante

You may know Buddy Valastro as the cake boss and face of Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey. But the famous pastry chef can do more than just bake groundbreaking cakes, and in Buddy V's Ristorante you can try the TV star's Italian-American cuisine . Of course, this restaurant can be found in the Venetian.

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 11: CUT – Wolfgang Puck

The Austrian head chef Wolfgang Puck has given his name to no fewer than three first-class restaurants in Las Vegas. Many will know him as a guest judge on popular cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef, but the CUT shows Puck's talents in all their glory.

Stop by and enjoy the freshest and most decadent seafood – but only if you've hit the jackpot, because it doesn't get cheap here. And while you're still dreaming about it, could you hit the jackpot at an online casino? Discover the best online casinos now!

Celebrity Chefs Las Vegas # 12: Gordon Ramsay – Steak

Of course, the leader of the celebrity chefs should not be missing from our list: the grumpy and bad-tempered Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay has no fewer than five restaurants in Las Vegas, and all of them are well worth a visit. We chose the steak because it's just a classic and good value for money. Stop by and try Wagyu beef sliders and Ramsay's signature Beef Wellington for a refreshingly low price – meaning you can save your big bills for the casino floor.

Unbeschränkte Freispiele im Boo Casino bei Legend of Cleopatra

Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Free Spins

Das Boo Casino hat sich zur kältesten Zeit des Jahres wieder einmal etwas Besonderes für seine Spieler einfallen lassen. Denn mit der Promotion „Unbeschränkte Freispiele“ kannst du so viele Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Free Spins haben, wie du möchtest. Das klingt kurios ist es aber nicht. Prinzipiell gilt bei der Teilnahme an der Bonusaktion die Faustregel: Je mehr Geld du einzahlst, desto mehr Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispiele schüttet dir das Boo Casino aus.
Nachfolgend erklären wir, wie du dir die unbeschränkten Freispiele für den Ägyptenslot klarmachen kannst. Zusätzlich geben wir dir noch einige interessante Infos zum Slotspiel selbst.

Teilnehmen ist denkbar einfach

Wenn dich die Teilnahme an der Bonusaktion für unbeschränkte Freispiele interessiert, musst du etwas Geld in die Hand nehmen. Denn der Erhalt von Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispielen ist jeweils immer an eine Einzahlung geknüpft. Der erforderliche Einzahlungsbetrag startet ab 10 €. Mit diesem Betrag bekommst du das Minimum von 15 Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispielen nach Zahlungseingang sofort gutgeschrieben.
Wie oft du deine Einzahlung leistest, ist völlig schnuppe und wenn du es 100-mal pro Tag machst. Das ist mit den unbeschränkten Freispielen gemeint. Es gibt aber noch 2 weitere Einzahlungsstufen, bei denen du deutlich mehr Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispiele erhalten kannst. Pro Einzahlung sind bis zu 60 Free Spins möglich.

Dazu haben wir mal einen kleinen Überblick erstellt:

  • 10 € Einzahlungen – 15 Freispiele
  • 20 € Einzahlung – 35 Freispiele
  • 30 € Einzahlung – 60 Freispiele

Beachten solltest du allerdings, dass pro erhaltenem Freispiel-Paket max. 100 € an Gewinn vom Boo Casino ausbezahlt werden. Außerdem gewinnst du mit deinen Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispielen nicht sofort Bargeld. Im nächsten Absatz erfährst du, wie du deine Freispielgewinne für eine Auszahlung in Echtgeld freimachen kannst.

So machst du deine Freispiel-Gewinne auszahlbar

Nachdem Erhalt und Verbrauch deiner Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispiele werden deren Spielgewinne vom Boo Casino als Bonusguthaben geführt. Das Bonusgeld kannst du weiter im Online Casino einsetzen oder dich an die Auszahlung in Echtgeld machen.
Etwaiges Bonusguthaben muss 25-mal umgesetzt werden und wird danach auf das Echtgeld-Spielerkonto übertragen. Dieser notwendige Mindestumsatz berücksichtigt nur vorige Echtgeld-Einsätze, die an den Spielautomaten des Boo Casinos erbracht wurden. Der Spieleinsatz darf dabei pro Spin nicht höher als 4 € bzw. 10 % des Bonusguthabens sein.

Informationen über Legend of Cleopatra Megaways

Der Spielautomat Legend of Cleopatra Megaways wurde von Playson entwickelt. Playson ist eine zurzeit aufstrebende Software-Schmiede, die versucht auf dem internationalen Markt noch mehr Fuß zu fassen. Mit Cleopatra Megaways hat das Unternehmen einen interessanten Ägyptenslot mit attraktiven Gewinnmöglichkeiten geschaffen.

  • Walzen, Sichtfenster: 6 Walzen, 2-7 Reihen,
  • Megaways mit bis zu 200.704 Gewinnwegen
  • Min/Max Einsatz: 0,20 € bis 100,00 €
  • Top-Features: Megaways, Wild Symbol, Multiplikator, einstürzende Symbole, Freispiele, Bonus-Feature kaufen
  • Auszahlungsquote (RTP): 95.84%
  • Volatilität: hoch

Je mehr Gewinnwege (Megaways) du erspielt, desto besser sind in der Regel deine Gewinnchancen. Außerdem hat der Spielautomat auch noch ein eigenes Freispiel-Feature, mit denen du zusätzliche Free Spins erspielen kannst. Ganz unabhängig von irgendwelchen Promotions.
Du möchtest dir die Legend of Cleopatra Megaways Freispiele sichern? Dann schau im Boo Casino vorbei.

Divine Fortune Megaways im Onecasino verfügbar

Spannender neuer 6-Walzen Videoslot von NetEnt

Divine Fortune Megaways von NetEnt ist die neuste Version des allseits bekannten Spielautomaten und steht den Spielern seit Kurzem im Onecasino zur Verfügung. Gleichzeitig ist Divine Fortune Megaways übrigens auch eine Premiere von NetEnt. Denn es ist der erste Videoslot der weltbekannten Software-Schmiede, der mit dem angesagten Megaways Feature ausgestattet wurde. Die Megaways Nutzungslizenz wurde dazu von BigTimeGaming eingekauft.
Gespielt wird Divine Fortune Megaways von NetEnt mit 6 Walzen – also 1 mehr als der übliche Standard. Zu den Top-Features des Videoslots zählen vor allem Re-Spins, Freispiele, Bonussymbole und verschiedene Arten von Wild-Symbolen.
Nachstehend geben wir dir einen Überblick über den neuen NetEnt Slot. Wenn du es ganz eilig hast, kannst du Divine Fortune Megaways auch sofort im Onecasino mit einem 10 Euro gratis Casino Bonus spielen.

Ausstattung des Automaten

Divine Fortune Megaways verfolgt kein klassisches 5-Walzen Konzept. Denn NetEnt hat noch eine weitere Walze eingebaut, die das ursprüngliche Konzept des Spielautomaten perfekt ergänzt. Gespielt wird Divine Fortune Megaways auf 6 Walzen mit bis zu 117.649 Gewinnwegen.

Im Slot sind insgesamt 9 Standard-Symbole verbaut, von denen 4 für besonders hohe Auszahlungen sorgen können. Das meiste Geld kannst du jedoch mit der Medusa und dem Löwen gewinnen. Um eine Auszahlung zu erhalten, müssen bei Divine Fortune Megaways mindestens 2 gleiche Symbole miteinander kombiniert werden.
Die 9 Standard-Symbole werden durch verschiedene Wilds und ein Scatter-Symbol für deine Divine Fortune Megaways Freispiele ergänzt. Die Wilds können in ihrer Standard-Funktion andere Spielsymbole ersetzen. Eine Gewinnkombination kann auf diese Weise ausgelöst oder erweitert werden. Während des Basisspiels können zudem Wild-Symbole einlaufen, die nicht nur als Joker agieren, sondern auch besondere Features auslösen können.

Falling Wild Re-Spins & Wild on Wild Feature

Nachdem ein Wild im Basisspiel auf den Walzen erschienen ist und du eine Gewinnauszahlung erhalten hast, wird der Falling Wilds Re-Spin ausgelöst. Dieser wird solange wiederholt, bis du keine Gewinnauszahlung mehr erspinnst. Außerdem verschiebt sich das Wild-Symbol nach jedem Re-Spin auf der betreffenden Walze um eine Position nach unten bis es wieder ganz verschwindet. Das bedeutet aber nicht das Ende der Re-Spins.
Wenn du Glück hast, triffst du im besten Fall gleich mehrere Wilds. Denn dann maximiert sich der Effekt des Features um ein Vielfaches. Die Falling Wild Re-Spins sind zudem auch während deiner Divine Fortune Megaways Freispiele aktiv. Dazu gleich noch mehr.
Das Wild on Wild Feature wird ausgelöst, wenn 2 Falling Wild-Symbole auf der gleichen Walze landen. Danach breitet sich das Wild über die komplette Walze aus, sodass sie vollständig mit dem Symbol bedeckt ist. Nachdem Spin erfolgt die Abrechnung der Gewinnauszahlungen. Außerdem rücken die Wilds, wie beim Falling Wilds Re-Spins Feature, um eine Position nach unten. Insgesamt können bis zu 7 Wild-Symbole auf den Walzen gleichzeitig erspielt werden.

Divine Fortune Megaways Freispiele

Das Scatter-Symbol ist für deine Divine Fortune Megaways Freispiele verantwortlich. Aufgrund der zusätzlichen Walze des Videoslots, musst du mindestens 4 Scatter erspielen, um 10 Freispiele zu erhalten. Für 5 Scatter bekommst du 15 Free Spins, für 6 satte 20 Gratisspins.
Während der Divine Fortune Megaways Freispiele sind die zuvor beschriebenen Wild-Features weiterhin aktiv. Das große Highlight sind allerdings die 3 Bonussymbole Bronze, Silber und Gold, die du während der Freispiele sammeln kannst, um einen Gewinn-Multiplikator auszulösen. Dieser kann zwischen 10x und 500x betragen.
Du möchtest Divine Fortune Megaways spielen? Dann schau im Onecasino vorbei.

Gambling taxes: Your winnings are taxed in these countries

Gambling Taxes # 1: The Status Quo

There are huge differences in the amount of taxes levied in different countries where legal gambling is practiced. In some countries, players can expect to lose up to 10% of their winnings to the tax office , while in other countries it can be anywhere from 1-3%. The type of elevation also varies greatly; In some countries, gambling taxes are levied indirectly and not directly on winnings, but are distributed across the industry through various financial engineering methods.

Adjusting payout rates is an efficient way for operators to collect taxes and not burden customers' profits. The end result is the same no matter which method is used – taxes are inevitable. All we can do as gamblers in casinos, on online gambling platforms or in sports betting is to continue to observe the global markets and select the countries to play with that offer the most favorable tax laws for gambling customers.

Gambling Taxes # 2: Top Countries for Low Profit Taxation

There is a great financial incentive for countries to maintain low taxation on gambling. The countries that are the friendliest to accept new casinos enjoy large shares of the profits indirectly. Gamblers also benefit financially.

Since the gambling winnings tax rate in the lowest taxed countries offers the best deals to gamblers, international gamblers will intentionally go to these locations for their games. Of course, sometimes the differences are not that great, and the material differences only really become noticeable when you start betting really large sums of money . Below we take a closer look at the top countries for low gambling taxes.


Of all the countries in the world that have low taxes on gambling, Russia is the most welcoming. The Russian government levies 0% on gross gaming revenues from the operators. Instead, the operators only have to pay a monthly fee, which is adjusted to the number of gaming terminals, tables and machines that they have on their premises.

This method results in a much lower tax liability for the gambling operators and casinos in Russia, and these favorable circumstances are passed on to customers in the form of much higher payout rates and better returns across the range of gambling products.

However, the laws in Russia are constantly changing and a bill was introduced in late 2018 that has the potential to shake the gambling industry in Russia quite a bit. A new flat tax will be applied to customers who make profits over $ 200, and there has even been talk of doubling the monthly fee rates to be applied to casinos – again adjusted to their size.

All of these changes are being considered by the government and their impact on foreign investment is being considered. Big plans for Vladivostok are already underway in Russia's Far East. A huge casino hub the size of Las Vegas is to be built here, which is dependent on foreign investors. These would of course be sensitive to Russia's gambling tax laws. So it remains to be seen!


Italy has a long history of gambling and its betting culture dates back to prehistoric times, when the Roman Empire was born. The citizens of ancient Rome often played games of dice and other early forms of gambling. The oldest casino in the world opened in Venice in 1638, and the country has been a welcome home for gamblers ever since.

The industry has expanded rapidly since then, offering a whole range of different gambling options, from traditional casinos to online gambling providers and sports betting. Italy is now one of the countries with the most liberal gambling laws in the world. The Italian gambling tax is one of the lowest levied in the entire legal gambling world.

Most casinos pay 0% on gross gaming revenue, and similar to Russia, they only pay based on the size of their casino offerings. Customers who play at these locations enjoy the financial benefits and there are few places in the world where players can get better value for their winnings and payout rates than in Italy.

United States

The United States has a complicated relationship with gambling , largely because of its legal code and because individual states can set their own laws and taxes. The federal government has legalized many forms of gambling in the United States and set a low property tax rate of around 3%.

In addition, the states where gambling is legal have their own taxes, which in most countries are between 2-5%. Taking both federal and state taxes into account, players in some parts of the country can enjoy a relatively low tax on their winnings of around 5% .

While these rates seem particularly low, some states vary widely, so if you are planning a trip this is definitely an option to consider. For the lowest gambling taxes in the United States, head to either Nevada, New Jersey, or South Dakota .

Good news for Las Vegas fans: Sin City has a relatively low tax rate compared to the rest of the country. Gambling in the United States, and especially Las Vegas, comes with a slew of extra luxury extras that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Overall, the states can be considered one of the best countries in the world for your gambling.

Gambling Taxes # 3: Countries with high tax rates

While there are some places that a thrifty gambler would enjoy because of the low profit tax, there are also some countries whose high tax rates make them less attractive to gambling. The following three countries were selected because of their particularly high gross gaming income tax . Here the high tax rate also affects your net profit!


German gambling has long been fully legalized and citizens can enjoy a whole range of gambling options both in person and online. The country is packed with casinos and poker rooms, with large budgets devoted to marketing and the development of new gambling technologies across the country.

For all of these reasons, many people in Germany gamble, but unfortunately the tax laws for the industry in Germany are tough and players here usually get prices that are more below the average market price . The taxes on the gross gaming revenues can be up to 90% with some casino operators. In reality it is much lower. Nevertheless, the high tax rate ensures that the winnings of the casinos are reduced to a very fine margin.

All of this extra burden is passed on to the customers who have to pay a percentage of their profit in taxes. Most online sports betting sites in Germany show the gross profit on the betting slips . In order to calculate the net profit, you can usually deduct at least 5% from this total amount for every bet.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is perhaps the most intimate gambling country in the world. The British have a very liberal approach to the gambling industry . Even the great Winston Churchill loved to gamble and would often play cards late into the night while planning his war strategies with his top generals. Incidentally, one of his favorite games was an old Württemberg card game. The market is pretty saturated with new operators, but the government continues to collect enormous taxes from them.

UK based gambling operators can pay up to 50% on gross gaming revenue , but in reality this rate is much lower. Home to some of the largest and richest gambling operators in the world, UK gamblers have excellent choices when it comes to online casinos and sports betting. This huge abundance of online gambling options usually makes it possible to find top value.


Asia has several gambling hotspots, but none of them are as popular as the high roller mecca in Macau. The coastal city, which basically operates with economic freedom, is the only legal place to gamble in China. The Chinese government was only willing to make this concession if it was amply rewarded for it, and in fact the Macau gaming industry generates enormous tax revenues for the Chinese state .

The extremely lucrative business is taxed at up to 39% on gross gaming revenues. With massive revenues, Macau is one of the richest and most capital-heavy gambling industries in the world. Most gamblers are willing to compromise when it comes to Macau: although they get less income, they can get a luxury stay in Macau that includes glitz and glamor in return.

Gambling Taxes # 4: High Or Low?

The question of whether to go high or low is difficult to answer for most countries when shaping their tax laws. In order to attract foreign investment and drive growth, it is better to start with low taxes and, once a well-functioning gambling industry is established, gradually increase the tax rate levied . This approach is used around the world and ensures that governments can enjoy huge revenues straight out of gamblers' pockets.

8 tips how to win at roulette

8 Tips & Tricks How To Win At Roulette

Roulette players are ancient. I don’t mean that they are all older, but that they are playing a game with a lot of tradition. A long tradition that goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years to when shields were whirled and villages and towns lived or died from the result.

Betting methods and sophisticated betting systems of all kinds have been used to try to beat the game and take a guess (go ahead, guess what)? None of these betting methods and systems have earned players credit. The house edge was (is) invincible and cannot be beaten with any betting method or system of any kind.

8 Tips How To Win At Roulette

Still, there are better and worse ways to play roulette. There are even ways – at least in the recent past – that players have used to devise wheel strategies that could actually beat the game. Please note that a cycling strategy is not a betting strategy. They are two different worlds.

So here are my eight top tips & tricks for playing this ancient game.


  1. Look for roulette games with “Surrender” or “En Prison” options
  2. Whenever possible, always play with one wheel, with a single zero
  3. Create a 401g account
  4. Play comfortably
  5. Don’t fret about losing a number
  6. Stick to your gaming account
  7. Be on the lookout for unbalanced wheels
  8. Sit out some decisions


These two terms do the same thing. In games that offer “surrender” (also called “surrender”), every time the ball hits the red / black, even / odd or high / low offer, only half of the bet is lost because the 0 or 00 has appeared. The other half is returned to the player. These are called “even money” bets because they pay out one-to-one.

In American roulette, “surrender” halves the house edge. Instead of a 5.26% advantage, the player now faces a 2.63% advantage. Find surrender games and only play these even money bets.

“En Prison” is the same thing — the house edge is halved — but it takes place in a different way. If the green 0 appears (“En Prison” is usually found on European wheels with a single zero), even-money bets will be blocked until the next time the wheel is spun.

8 Tips How To Win At Roulette2

Let’s say you bet on red and the 0 is hit. The bet on red remains on the table for the next round. If red is hit, you get your bet back. If Black is hit, you lose your bet. If the 0 is hit again, your bet will still be “in jail”.

“En Prison” reduces the house edge to 1.35% instead of 2.70% in European roulette.

So if you’re lucky enough to find one of these two options, then play with it too.


That’s not a difficult suggestion. You can choose between a wheel with a single zero, European Roulette, and a house edge of 2.70%, or a wheel with a double zero, American Roulette, and a house edge of 5.26%. Play the wheel with a single zero.

The only warning here is: If the wheel with the single zero has a higher minimum bet, e.g. B. 25 units than the wheel with the double zero, e.g. B. 10 units, then you should bet the 10 units. Otherwise, stick to your first answer.


Anyone who plays with money that is needed for other things is making a big mistake. Only “play money” should be used for playing. This is money that has been specifically reserved for playing games.

Set up a bank account and only deposit (and only) money there that will be used for gambling. Pay something into your entertainment fund weekly or monthly. I call this account 401G and the “G” stands for gambling.

You can only play with money from this account. This will take away the fear of losing your financial overview.

8 Tips How To Win At Roulette3


Roulette is a leisurely game. If you’re the only one at a table, don’t rush to bet.


So you always bet on the 8 and were never right. In fact, the ball hasn’t even hit a number close to 8. Maybe there was an invisible sign above it? So you didn’t bet this time and as fate (or the angry gods) sometimes wants it, the ball lands on the 8. You are just unlucky.

Don’t fret. The game is a game of chance and no “Fate” or “Gods of Olympus” have anything to do with it. The ball has to fall into a pocket and this time it was this one. The ball didn’t think: “I’ll show the player now and I’ll land on the 8th”


The player next to you bets thousands of units on numbers. He bets more than you make in a year! He belongs to the nobility. You don’t.

Nonsense. You bet what you can afford to bet. Trust me, no one is impressed when the nobility bet thousands of units. They think of these people as sharks think of seals. They are something that needs to be eaten.

Play based on your 401G account. Perhaps you are using 10% of the money you have in your account for a session or two. In any case, we are in an age that has left the nobility behind.


I think all roulette players know what an unbalanced wheel is. But just in case, here’s a handy definition: a certain number and / or numbers will hit more often than their probability. Of course, you have to study the wheel through several thousands of rotations to determine this.

The players who broke the bank in Monte Carlo actually did so. I doubt most (or all) of our readers will be interested in finding unbalanced wheels among the wheels that are perfectly balanced with supercomputers today, but give it a try.


The more you play, the better for the game provider. The less you play, the better for you. I think all players know this (or that they should know). So sit out decisions every now and then to reduce the blow of the house edge on your gaming account.

Don’t worry if a number you picked in the past pops up. The game is random and no deity is out to get you.

Roulette tips

Brandneuer BTG Videoslot: Slot Vegas Megaquads jetzt online spielen

Erster Megaquads Automat im Slotsmillion Casino spielbar

Mit dem brandneuen Megaquads Spielautomaten Slot Vegas hat BigTimeGaming (BTG) ein Automatenspiel geschaffen, dass es vorher so noch nie gegeben hat. Bekannt wurde Big Time Gaming (BTG) in der Vergangenheit durch die Erfindung der allseits beliebten Megaways.
Die Megaquads Slots sind ebenfalls eine gänzlich neue Erfindung und funktionieren, wie vier Spielautomaten in einem. Insgesamt lassen sich mit den Gewinnsymbolen und den Bonus-Features von Slot Vegas bis zu 16.777.216 Gewinnwege freispielen. Im Gegensatz dazu boten dir die BTG Megaways Automaten bis zu ca. 117.000 Gewinnwege. Als Spieler von Megaquads erwartet dich also eine enorme Steigerung und du kannst von potenziell besseren Gewinnchancen profitieren.
Wenn du möchtest, darfst du im Slotsmillion schon den neuen BTG Megaquads Spielautomaten Slot Vegas ausprobieren.

Ausstattung des Automaten

Slot Vegas Megaquads von Big Time Gaming wird mit 4 Videoslots zu je 4 Walzen gleichzeitig gespielt. Du benötigst also nur einen gemeinsamen Einsatz für alle Spielbereiche. Jeder der 4 Videoslots bietet dir 256 Gewinnwege, sodass du auf insgesamt 1024 Standard-Gewinnwege kommst. Inklusive dem Rainbow Wild Bonus sind dann sogar über 16 Millionen Gewinnwege möglich.
Bei Slot Vegas gibt es insgesamt 10 Spielsymbole, die weiterführend noch durch 2 Wilds und 1 Scatter ergänzt werden. Gespielt wird von links nach rechts, wobei immer nur mind. 3 benachbarte Symbole eine Auszahlung auslösen können. Maximal sind bei Slot Vegas Megaquads bis zu 8 gleiche Symbole miteinander kombinierbar.
Bei deinen Auszahlungen kommen dir 2 verschiedene Arten von Wild-Symbolen zur Hilfe, die am Spielautomaten als Joker fungieren und andere Spielsymbole ersetzen können. Die sogenannten Regular Wilds erscheinen auf den Walzen 2, 3 und 4 die Rainbow Wilds nur auf den Walzen 2 und 3. Letztere sind aus der Sicht der Spieler als deutlich wertvoller zu werten. Denn sie können ein sehr lukratives Feature auslösen, das wir dir nachstehend im Detail erklären möchten.

Rainbow Wild Bonus mit Multiplikatoren

Neben der Ersetz-Funktion können die Rainbow Wilds noch ein Bonus Sonderfeature auslösen. Werden Rainbow Wilds in zwei Slot-Fenstern angezeigt und liegen diese horizontal nebeneinander, verbinden sich 2 der 4 Videoslots miteinander, sodass, ähnlich wie bei den Slot Vegas Freispielen, zwei 8-Walzen Slots entstehen. Zusätzlich spendiert dir der Online Automat ein neues Regular Wild auf den Walzen 4 und 5 des 8-Walzen Slots.
Triffst du beim Spinnen mit den 8-Walzen 5, 6, 7, 8 Diamond oder Lucky 7 Symbole erhöht sich der Multiplikator von Slot Vegas Megaquads jeweils um eine Stufe nach oben. Der Multiplikator bleibt dann während des Basisspiel weiterhin aktiv. Maximal kann ein 23-fach Multiplikator von den Casinospielern freigespielt werden.

Slot Vegas Freispiele

Die 6 Slot Vegas Freispiele werden durch 4 oder mehr Scatter-Symbole (VIP-Chip) ausgelöst. Erspielst du mehr als 4 Scatter bekommst du je Scatter 3 weitere Freispiele geschenkt. Die Freispiel-Runde startet auf 2 Videoslots zu je 8 Rollen.
Während deiner Freispiele kannst du ebenfalls von dem oben beschriebenen Gewinn-Multiplikator profitieren. Er erhöht sich wieder sobald du 5, 6, 7, 8 Diamond oder Lucky 7 Symbole in der Freispiel-Runde triffst. Selbstverständlich wird der Multiplikator danach auch wieder in das Basisspiel übernommen.
Du möchtest den Spielautomaten Slot Vegas Megaquads spielen? Dann schau im Slotsmillion vorbei.

The top 10 gambling myths

Gambling Myth # 1: You just have to play long enough to win

While it is possible that your supposed losing streak could be followed by a winning streak, it is not likely. You are much more likely to run out of money before the big win sees the light of day. It is important to understand that any game of chance is an independent statistical event .

Think of it this way: When you roll the dice in a game of dice, the dice have no way of knowing what happened before. Even if your so-called luck seems to equalize over time, there are no guarantees !

Gambling Myth # 2: Winning is a matter of luck

Even if it is certainly fun to believe in the goddesses of luck, fate, or that your fate is written in the stars, winning and losing is a matter of mathematics . It is important to understand that every casino game gives the casino a slight statistical advantage. This house edge ensures that over time the casino is making more money than it is paying out to players, and this is exactly how casinos profit.

Of course there is the possibility to defy the odds and win. As a player, you are most likely to win when you play games with a lower house edge or choose games that include elements of skill – such as poker.

Gambling Myths # 3: Casino games are rigged

While it’s always easy to complain when you lose, casino games are generally fair – provided you play in a licensed establishment. Fortunately, in many countries there is a gambling commission that can be relied on. For example, in Great Britain there is the UK Gambling Commission. In Germany, gambling supervision is in the hands of the federal states. The 16 senate administrations monitor compliance with the requirements.

The UK Gambling Commission, for example, regulates and licenses all forms of gambling . So it is not only responsible for venues but also for online casinos that are located in the UK, as well as for internet casinos that accept UK players.

When you play at an online casino, the vast majority of games use Random Number Generations to ensure that what happens on the screen statistically reflects what would happen in real life . These computer algorithms ensure that every spin, number drawn, card dealt and dice roll is fair and random.

Gambling Myth # 4: A good system will help counter the house edge

While the internet is full of gambling techniques that claim to get you the upper hand, virtually all of these considerations are useless. The fact is that the casino always has the edge . Of course, there are steps you can take to improve your odds, such as playing games with a low house edge like baccarat.

Gambling Myth # 5: Casinos keep you winning so you keep playing

Conspiracy theorists will want you to believe that security guards are constantly monitoring your game to let you win when you are about to lose interest. But the truth is that every result is a matter of chance. Regardless of whether you rely on the random number generator that powers a video slot machine or the mechanics of a roulette wheel.

What happens in the end is determined by the laws of chance . The random number generators and the equipment are regularly checked, maintained and checked to ensure that everything goes well. Any interference by a casino employee would be highly illegal.

Gambling Myth # 6: Card counting is illegal

Contrary to public perception and assumption, counting cards is not (everywhere) illegal – for example in Germany. While casinos don’t like using this mathematical logic, it is completely legal. Players take advantage of card counting by keeping track of which cards are in play and which are left in the deck.

In most countries, players are free to use any strategy they see fit as long as it does not interfere with the game. For example, physically marking cards is considered a fraud. Of course the casinos do their best to discourage players from counting cards. In addition, it is not possible to count cards when playing online.

Gambling Myth # 7: By keeping track of what has happened so far, you can predict what will happen next

In pure games of chance like roulette, many people assume that they can easily predict the future by looking at the recent past . In reality, every spin of the roulette wheel, every roll of the dice, and every shuffling of the deck of cards is a random and independent event.

There is no connection between what just happened and what is about to happen. So just because 15 of the last 20 roulette numbers were black, you shouldn’t assume that the majority of the next 20 will be red. Actual odds only become statistically significant in the long run , well beyond the amount of time you can actually spend playing the game.

Gambling Myth # 8: After a certain period of time, winnings on slot machines are overdue

Given the unmatched popularity of slot machines, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that these games are also particularly popular in terms of myths . As the subject of this article suggests, most theories are wrong.

The fact is, you shouldn’t expect a slot machine to suddenly pay out to make up for an apparent losing streak . Every spin of the reels is the result of a random generator. Where the reels land depends on a complex computer algorithm and not on what has happened in the past hours or minutes.

To the best slot machines this way.

Gambling Myth # 9: Internet gambling is prohibited by law

Although there are places in the world where internet gambling is either prohibited or exists in a legal gray area, it is also allowed in many . Let’s take the UK as an example again: Not only is gambling completely legal, but the government officially licenses and regulates the industry so that players don’t have to rely on shady sites.

If you want to play with peace of mind, just make sure you choose a casino, poker room or virtual room that are properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This is the easiest way to be sure that the games are fair and that if you win, you will be paid out immediately.

Gambling Myth # 10: The more often you play, the better you get

A distinction must be made here: while it is possible to master poker strategies over time or to learn how to best play blackjack , practice is irrelevant in pure games of chance . Once you have learned the basics of games like roulette, baccarat, craps, bingo, slot machines or the lottery, success becomes a matter of chance.

In other words, if you are new to the world of gambling, you should n’t consider the skills you are trying to acquire as a future cure for the money you might lose today. This applies regardless of whether you are playing on the internet or in a live casino anywhere in the world!

The best gifts for gambling lovers: ideas for all budgets

The Best Gambling Gifts # 1: A Trip To Vegas

Let’s start with the obvious, albeit definitely the most expensive idea: a trip to Las Vegas! You can’t deny it – this is the best gift for gambling lovers and will definitely knock the recipient off their feet. So if you have the spare change – why not!

The best thing about it? With a trip to Las Vegas you not only have the chance to visit the best and most legendary casinos. There are also top-notch restaurants, stunning national parks scattered all over Nevada, and much more! Travel providers often have ready- made packages for round trips , or all-inclusive packages. Of course, there are also cheaper options that give you the freedom to plan your own trip.

If you are considering which hotel in Las Vegas would be suitable for you or the recipient, we have put together a brief overview here. The Palms Casino Resort is perfect for those on a larger budget: the huge complex offers luxurious rooms and some great leisure activities!

The Luxor Hotel & Casino, on the other hand, is one of the cheaper hotels – and yet it has a great location in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and is comfortably furnished! The Fremont Hotel & Casino is roughly now the other two options. It houses an old-fashioned casino and chic cocktail bars such as the famous 24 hour mall, the Fremont Street Mall.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to plan your gift trip to Las Vegas! But don’t worry, you can put together a great experience even on a tight budget . After all, memories are worth so much more than the money you spend on them!

The Best Gambling Gifts # 2: Casino Games Courses

If your recipient is someone who has already invested a lot of time in the learning process of certain games, but still has something to learn, then we have the perfect idea: a course to improve techniques or skills! Whether in the form of a book or a subscription to an online course – there are many ways to train yourself in the art of casino games.

With enough practice you can reach a remarkable level, but in order to really surpass your fellow players, many games in the casino require additional reading and learning. One of the most prestigious courses available online is Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Masterclass . After all, he’s a world famous poker player – and it can never hurt to learn from a master! With this gift you might even get your money back.

The Best Gambling Gifts # 3: Casino Video Games

For those who like things a little more experimental, a casino video game could be the right gift! Just like in times of the pandemic, when many casinos are closed, there is after all not only the opportunity to visit an online casino. Another option is to play a casino game as a video game ! It’s also perfect for those who don’t necessarily want to make a financial commitment. In addition, this gift is definitely the longest-lasting one!

A good example of a casino-based video game is Poker Night 2. It was released in 2013 and developed by Telltale Games, which also made the critically acclaimed video game adaptation of “The Walking Dead”. The video game contains many iconic characters and is available on the PC game marketplace Steam . Not only will it provide the recipient with hours of entertainment, but it will also teach the player the basics of the game and provide an authentic poker experience.

The Best Gambling Gifts # 4: High Quality Playing Cards

A cult gift for anyone who likes gambling: playing cards! This gift can be very individual, because similar to different Monopoly versions, there are also different variants of playing cards! So the gift can be much more personal than you think – for example in the style of iconic films, books, series, locations or sports !

So playing cards are a really simple yet great gift that can be tailored to individual interests . If you invest in a high-quality playing card set, you can better experience the real casino experience from the comfort of your own home. An ideal option for the current times, and in addition, you create sentimental value with joint casino evenings!

The Best Gambling Gifts # 5: Scratch Cards or Personalized Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are always a great gift for those on a budget! Who knows, maybe there is even a bigger profit behind it? This pinch of tension combined with the excitement of scratching is a guarantee of fun!

If the recipient of your gift is a little joker, then a personalized scratch card might be just the thing! You can easily buy these online. You can personalize cards that contain a scratch-off field, but with a personal text behind it instead of a prize to scratch off!

Poker Gifts: The 3 Best Ideas for Poker Fans

The Best Poker Gifts # 1: The Theory of Poker Book

Poker, like many other forms of gambling, is not as easy as some think. It is often said that it takes five minutes to learn the rules, but decades to master them. It’s a deceptively complex game with many possible outcomes, and professional poker players spend hundreds of hours a month preparing for each eventuality.

It requires the ability to use mathematical principles, an understanding of game theory, and mental resilience to maintain composure when the pressure rises. If the recipient has only recently started playing, or you think his or her skills still have room for improvement, David Sklansky’s prestigious book “The Theory of Poker” could be the perfect gift. If you are also interested in poker and its strategies, please take a look at our guide to online poker strategies.

The book itself is beginner-friendly and easy to understand , with lots of charts and lots of analysis of key moments from famous poker games. The book is not specifically geared towards Texas Hold’em, but rather focuses on a number of poker games, including variations of stud and draw poker. Aside from this, there are also many other books available online that offer a similar reading and learning experience.

If this book isn’t quite the right one, here are three more good suggestions for your gift! Essential Poker Math is much more technical reading than The Theory of Poker. Written by Alton Hardin, this book offers a deeper look into probability theory and numerous other mathematical concepts that you may encounter within the game of poker. This book is suitable for newer poker players too, so don’t let its math focus put you off.

“The Mental Game of Poker” is a book that focuses generally on the mental aspects of the game of poker . It lists strategies for improving tilt control, self-confidence, motivation, dealing with variance and much more. Author, Jared Tendler, is a well-respected trainer for mentalities in play, and this book is a condensed compilation of all of his ideas.

“Every Hand Revealed” is a personal review by Gus Hansen, written while playing the 2007 Australian Millions World Poker Tour. This book is more of a personal story and less theoretical than the previous suggestions. It gives the reader a glimpse into the spirit of a professional poker player and their thoughts and emotions while playing a tournament – definitely good read for someone looking for a good poker-related story.

All of these books offer something different, but each of them will help the reader learn about poker and grasp the many intricacies . A book is simply one of the best poker gifts for someone early in their gambling career!

Best Poker Gifts # 2: A poker table

Quite an expensive item on this list, but definitely a gift that won’t be easily forgotten: a poker table. The sentimental value increases even more if you organize poker evenings on it! This gift is particularly relevant in the current times of the pandemic, in which entertainment for the home is becoming increasingly important! And what better way to practice from home than with your own poker table? We don’t think so! With this gift you can ensure that the recipient has an authentic poker experience at home !

In addition, equipment such as high-quality cards and chips can be given away. Now all you have to do is dress up and the poker evening from the living room is complete! Even if this gift carries a hefty price tag, it is in great demand and will definitely pay off.

Best Poker Gifts # 3: Poker Merch

This idea is diverse and can be individually adapted to the recipient or the recipient. There are really an infinite number of products that are also made in poker style. Many of them can also be personalized – for example a personalized card set . There are many options online where, for example, you can set colors or have the name of the person receiving the gift printed on it. You are sure to find something here that the lucky one will like!

There are also many other fun products, such as t-shirts with funny poker sayings . Poker humor is certainly a niche area, but there are often some fun products on display in major gambling cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It could be argued that a funny t-shirt can put off an opponent at the table, making your hand easier to read and giving you a mental advantage over other players. Of course, we cannot guarantee that this is really the case! Due to the strong expansion of online marketplaces, you will find many funny poker t-shirts in all kinds of variants, but now also online.

Another gift that has a little more to offer aesthetically is a whiskey glass with an integrated poker chip . In many communities these have become coveted collectibles! The chip is inserted into the recess of the glass and gives it a professional, high-quality look.

The glass can optionally be equipped with a red or black chip and is a very worthwhile purchase for someone who has a preference for fine whiskey or who likes to have a drink against the tension while playing poker! In the Poker Merch area there are also many other products (towels, masks, home decorations, mugs, etc.), so that there really is something for every price range – there are no limits to your imagination !

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