Which software provider makes the best online casino games?

Which software provider makes the best online casino games?

Ask this question to any Canadian online gambler, and you will get a barrage of answers. The crux of the matter is: there is no one single best online casino software provider because entertainment is such a personal experience.

There are a lot of factors that might provoke someone to claim that a provider makes the best casino games. Providers make very different games, and one provider may make games that you love, while another one might make games that your best friend loves.

That being said, there is one gaming provider that is consistently considered the top software provider in the industry today, and that provider is Microgaming. Microgaming is considered the best overall casino software provider because of its massive size and impeccable game quality.

Currently, Microgaming offers over 600 games in many categories. Not only can you enjoy a huge selection of slots games, but you can also play every table game imaginable.

In addition to the huge selection, Microgaming is looking to the future. The company promises to release at least two new games every month. This gives you something to which you can constantly look forward.

Many prominent Canadian casinos use Microgaming as their only software provider. However, some others combine games from multiple software providers, and some do not use Microgaming at all.

Other top online casino software providers include Playtech, NetEnt, and Realtime Gaming. All of these are popular and add different titles to a casino. It is hard to say who makes the best games, because clearly, people like them all!