Gold Factory Online Slot Game

Gold Factory Online Slot Game

Welcome to Gold Factory

Gold Factory Online Slot Game

From the wizards at Microgaming, the premier software provider of online slots, comes Gold Factory, a video slot machine that boasts five reels and a massive fifty pay lines. Centered around a gold theme, Gold Factory has everything you could want from a free online slots game, including varied gameplay, a high payout percentage and beautiful, animated graphics that makes the very best use of its theme. You will find gold trains, golden bars, wooden carts filled with gold and even golden submarines as symbols and ad bonus icons throughout both the game proper and the bonus game.

Gold Factory Video Slot

Speaking of the bonus game, building on what Microgaming is best known for, Gold Factory is never just about watching crude symbols go round and round for hours on end but is about keeping the game play fresh through its varied pay lines and, most especially, the bonus game, which is fun to try and earn your way towards and even more fun to play.

Why Gold Factory?

Considering just how good most of Microgaming’s many, many online slots games are, you may be wondering what separates Gold Factory from all those other great games out there.

Here are just some of the things that make Gold Factory the standout that it is:

  • The theme itself may not be the most imaginative slots theme ever but is executed brilliantly and its very simplicity is the key to the way it permeates every inch of the game. The simplicity of the design simply makes everything about the way the graphics are crafted all the more impressive.
  • It is filled to the brim with bonuses, wilds, scatters, free spins and that all-important bonus game.
  • Its extremely generous fifty paylines not only greatly heighten your chance of winning but make the actual gameplay all the more exciting.
  • It’s very cheap to play so it’s ideal for low stakes players, every bit as much as it is for more serious gamers.

Microgaming has released an untold amount of great games over the years but few touch Gold Factory for its impeccably crafted graphics and exciting gameplay.

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