What is the Random Number Generator?

What is the Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator is a computer program that is used in many casino games all over the world. What a Random Number Generator (or as it’s commonly known, an RNG) does, is reflected in its name: it generates random numbers.

If you are wondering what an RNG is, you have probably been researching Canadian online casinos. There are a few different kinds of RNGs that are used for different applications, but the type that is most commonly used for casinos is a Pseudo Random Number Generator.

Random Number Generator?

A Pseudo RNG uses an algorithm and a seed number to produce seemingly random numbers. It is only seemingly random because the algorithm is fixed. However, it is very difficult to hack or cheat an RNG.

RNGs are important for online casino games, but they are also used in land-based casinos for certain games. They are used to create outcomes for games like slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and keno.

Using an RNG is supposed to make the chances of winning fair between the casino and the player. In order to ensure that a casino is fair, there are external companies that independently test for fairness.

Once a casino is certified to be safe and fair, it usually makes that very clear on its website. If an online casino does not say anything about fair play certification, then you should look for a different casino that is certified.

There are many amazing Canadian online casinos that use RNGs to make sure that you have a great time gambling. Check one out today!