Poker Gifts: The 3 Best Ideas for Poker Fans

Poker Gifts: The 3 Best Ideas for Poker Fans

The Best Poker Gifts # 1: The Theory of Poker Book

Poker, like many other forms of gambling, is not as easy as some think. It is often said that it takes five minutes to learn the rules, but decades to master them. It’s a deceptively complex game with many possible outcomes, and professional poker players spend hundreds of hours a month preparing for each eventuality.

It requires the ability to use mathematical principles, an understanding of game theory, and mental resilience to maintain composure when the pressure rises. If the recipient has only recently started playing, or you think his or her skills still have room for improvement, David Sklansky’s prestigious book “The Theory of Poker” could be the perfect gift. If you are also interested in poker and its strategies, please take a look at our guide to online poker strategies.

The book itself is beginner-friendly and easy to understand , with lots of charts and lots of analysis of key moments from famous poker games. The book is not specifically geared towards Texas Hold’em, but rather focuses on a number of poker games, including variations of stud and draw poker. Aside from this, there are also many other books available online that offer a similar reading and learning experience.

If this book isn’t quite the right one, here are three more good suggestions for your gift! Essential Poker Math is much more technical reading than The Theory of Poker. Written by Alton Hardin, this book offers a deeper look into probability theory and numerous other mathematical concepts that you may encounter within the game of poker. This book is suitable for newer poker players too, so don’t let its math focus put you off.

“The Mental Game of Poker” is a book that focuses generally on the mental aspects of the game of poker . It lists strategies for improving tilt control, self-confidence, motivation, dealing with variance and much more. Author, Jared Tendler, is a well-respected trainer for mentalities in play, and this book is a condensed compilation of all of his ideas.

“Every Hand Revealed” is a personal review by Gus Hansen, written while playing the 2007 Australian Millions World Poker Tour. This book is more of a personal story and less theoretical than the previous suggestions. It gives the reader a glimpse into the spirit of a professional poker player and their thoughts and emotions while playing a tournament – definitely good read for someone looking for a good poker-related story.

All of these books offer something different, but each of them will help the reader learn about poker and grasp the many intricacies . A book is simply one of the best poker gifts for someone early in their gambling career!

Best Poker Gifts # 2: A poker table

Quite an expensive item on this list, but definitely a gift that won’t be easily forgotten: a poker table. The sentimental value increases even more if you organize poker evenings on it! This gift is particularly relevant in the current times of the pandemic, in which entertainment for the home is becoming increasingly important! And what better way to practice from home than with your own poker table? We don’t think so! With this gift you can ensure that the recipient has an authentic poker experience at home !

In addition, equipment such as high-quality cards and chips can be given away. Now all you have to do is dress up and the poker evening from the living room is complete! Even if this gift carries a hefty price tag, it is in great demand and will definitely pay off.

Best Poker Gifts # 3: Poker Merch

This idea is diverse and can be individually adapted to the recipient or the recipient. There are really an infinite number of products that are also made in poker style. Many of them can also be personalized – for example a personalized card set . There are many options online where, for example, you can set colors or have the name of the person receiving the gift printed on it. You are sure to find something here that the lucky one will like!

There are also many other fun products, such as t-shirts with funny poker sayings . Poker humor is certainly a niche area, but there are often some fun products on display in major gambling cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It could be argued that a funny t-shirt can put off an opponent at the table, making your hand easier to read and giving you a mental advantage over other players. Of course, we cannot guarantee that this is really the case! Due to the strong expansion of online marketplaces, you will find many funny poker t-shirts in all kinds of variants, but now also online.

Another gift that has a little more to offer aesthetically is a whiskey glass with an integrated poker chip . In many communities these have become coveted collectibles! The chip is inserted into the recess of the glass and gives it a professional, high-quality look.

The glass can optionally be equipped with a red or black chip and is a very worthwhile purchase for someone who has a preference for fine whiskey or who likes to have a drink against the tension while playing poker! In the Poker Merch area there are also many other products (towels, masks, home decorations, mugs, etc.), so that there really is something for every price range – there are no limits to your imagination !

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