The best gifts for gambling lovers: ideas for all budgets

The best gifts for gambling lovers: ideas for all budgets

The Best Gambling Gifts # 1: A Trip To Vegas

Let’s start with the obvious, albeit definitely the most expensive idea: a trip to Las Vegas! You can’t deny it – this is the best gift for gambling lovers and will definitely knock the recipient off their feet. So if you have the spare change – why not!

The best thing about it? With a trip to Las Vegas you not only have the chance to visit the best and most legendary casinos. There are also top-notch restaurants, stunning national parks scattered all over Nevada, and much more! Travel providers often have ready- made packages for round trips , or all-inclusive packages. Of course, there are also cheaper options that give you the freedom to plan your own trip.

If you are considering which hotel in Las Vegas would be suitable for you or the recipient, we have put together a brief overview here. The Palms Casino Resort is perfect for those on a larger budget: the huge complex offers luxurious rooms and some great leisure activities!

The Luxor Hotel & Casino, on the other hand, is one of the cheaper hotels – and yet it has a great location in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and is comfortably furnished! The Fremont Hotel & Casino is roughly now the other two options. It houses an old-fashioned casino and chic cocktail bars such as the famous 24 hour mall, the Fremont Street Mall.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to plan your gift trip to Las Vegas! But don’t worry, you can put together a great experience even on a tight budget . After all, memories are worth so much more than the money you spend on them!

The Best Gambling Gifts # 2: Casino Games Courses

If your recipient is someone who has already invested a lot of time in the learning process of certain games, but still has something to learn, then we have the perfect idea: a course to improve techniques or skills! Whether in the form of a book or a subscription to an online course – there are many ways to train yourself in the art of casino games.

With enough practice you can reach a remarkable level, but in order to really surpass your fellow players, many games in the casino require additional reading and learning. One of the most prestigious courses available online is Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Masterclass . After all, he’s a world famous poker player – and it can never hurt to learn from a master! With this gift you might even get your money back.

The Best Gambling Gifts # 3: Casino Video Games

For those who like things a little more experimental, a casino video game could be the right gift! Just like in times of the pandemic, when many casinos are closed, there is after all not only the opportunity to visit an online casino. Another option is to play a casino game as a video game ! It’s also perfect for those who don’t necessarily want to make a financial commitment. In addition, this gift is definitely the longest-lasting one!

A good example of a casino-based video game is Poker Night 2. It was released in 2013 and developed by Telltale Games, which also made the critically acclaimed video game adaptation of “The Walking Dead”. The video game contains many iconic characters and is available on the PC game marketplace Steam . Not only will it provide the recipient with hours of entertainment, but it will also teach the player the basics of the game and provide an authentic poker experience.

The Best Gambling Gifts # 4: High Quality Playing Cards

A cult gift for anyone who likes gambling: playing cards! This gift can be very individual, because similar to different Monopoly versions, there are also different variants of playing cards! So the gift can be much more personal than you think – for example in the style of iconic films, books, series, locations or sports !

So playing cards are a really simple yet great gift that can be tailored to individual interests . If you invest in a high-quality playing card set, you can better experience the real casino experience from the comfort of your own home. An ideal option for the current times, and in addition, you create sentimental value with joint casino evenings!

The Best Gambling Gifts # 5: Scratch Cards or Personalized Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are always a great gift for those on a budget! Who knows, maybe there is even a bigger profit behind it? This pinch of tension combined with the excitement of scratching is a guarantee of fun!

If the recipient of your gift is a little joker, then a personalized scratch card might be just the thing! You can easily buy these online. You can personalize cards that contain a scratch-off field, but with a personal text behind it instead of a prize to scratch off!

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